Katy Lane (watchmedrwnhere) wrote in wats_that_line,
Katy Lane

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"i believe i can fly..i believe i can touch the sky"

"im lying just to keep you here"

"spent the night lit listening to miles davis"

"there are many places id rather be.. but none of them per-ma-nent-ly"
((just for you fran))
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i wish i could fly to the moon- by ernie HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA OH SHIT!!

ur awesome. lol i think thats the title =] <333 you
HAHAHAH. i love that song. a dn rubber ducky..youre the one!
lol good times good times
the first one, there is two songs that i know of that use those same lyrics. one of them is by r kelly.
well..i guess ill go with that version..good job