Katy Lane (watchmedrwnhere) wrote in wats_that_line,
Katy Lane

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1. death seed blind mans greed, poets starving children breed

2. but you're so cute when you're frustrated dear

3. sometimes im thinking that i love you, but i know its only lust, your kiss so sweet, your sweat so sour..

4. death is god, killing yourself

5. ive made mistakes that im sure ill never make again, guess i liked them enough the first time around

6. these days are needles under my skin. jesus shootin heroin

7. i wont spend another day in this heart attack city

8. you told me that you loved me last night... when i made love to you

9. we'll pretend its a christmas day in my atomic garden

10. wake up wake up, this is heaven on earth

MWUAHAHAHA... have fun!
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