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that is the only banner i have made. since i dont really know how to do the text shit on photoshop yet..i wont be making any good banners. if you guys ((i.e. justin)) know how to do it.. if you want to make banners ill give ya major credit. if you would like to make banners then lemme know and ill give ya some pics to work with...or if you have pics then either post them in here or email em to me.
thanks and here a lyrics:
1. i dont give a damn about my bad reputation

2. i heard a rumor..what have you done to her?

3. because you kill me.. you know you do you kill me well..

4. feel alone.. cuz im gone.. ive left you....

5. we're both wasted but we're not going anywhere like this

6. i wish i could explain myself but words escape me

7. but their empty eyes seem to pass me by

8. dont expect me to cry..for all the reasons you had to die

9. POW..muthafuckazz

10. but i look at your pants and..i need a kiss...
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