Justin Gomes (heartagramhawk) wrote in wats_that_line,
Justin Gomes

1. its firday night/ i wanted to go out/ i didnt wanna go to no show/ didnt wanna go to no disco/ no no i just wanted you to come over/ sit on my couch and hold me tight/ but you went out with some dumb jock and left me alone with my skateboard tonight!

2. oh cant you see/ you belong to me/ oh my poor heart aches/ for every step you take

3. Spider Murphy played the tenor saxophone/ Little Joe was blowing the slife trombone/ The drummer boy from Illinois went crash, boom, bang/ The whole rythm section was the Purple Gang/ Let's rock, everybody, let's rock

the last two are famous songs. you should know them, well, if you know music that is...
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