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...and this weeds out the IDIOTS!

music is life.

your #1 community to GUESS THAT LYRIC!
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this community is for music lovers and music lovers only
there really arent any rules...they're not necessary for this community. just, don't bash on other people. and definitely, absolutely, DO NOT bash on anyone's music taste. everyone in entitled to their own taste and it's no one else' place to tell them what they should like. understood?

what happens here is:
you guys join..no shit right?
oo2.you post a lyric(s) without saying song names or any clues
oo3.you wait for people to comment on the songs and congratulate them when theyre right
oo4.if you post a lyric that NO ONE knows within... hmm.. we'll say a timespan of a month.. then ill put you in the pretty category of
REAL Music Lovers
oo5. you can post as much as you want. If you want to post something other than lyrics, then just ask.
if you want to converse personal shit..go to my journal and leave a comment.. watchmedrwnhere
or im me aim:cryemocheesecry

YOU MAY.. post "music news." if you hear something interesting i.e. a death, a new cd, a good band..then hey! come and tell us! get it known! i have nothing against that since i know i will do it.

BANNERS: promote.. or i will kill you

i will be making new banners shortly, but since this community is essentially attempting to be revived, therereally aren't any members anymore. so if it's a success, then new pictures to come. and don't be afraid to make some of your own. just gimme the link and ill put it up here.