1&0nlee_b-r3t (iwnderysumtimes) wrote in wats_that_line,

1) "I sniffed J-Lo's ass and got to touchy feely and she let lose a bomb that was bigger than Gigli."
2) "in the country there aint no tiz of thee, in the country, id probably be ashamed."
3) "i met you at a party, i was outside being sick so i came inside again."
4) "and look what hes done for us hes filled us up with cheer long bless charlie moph, the man who invented beer beer beer."
5) "in heaven there is no beer, thats why we drink it here. and we're gone from here, our friends will be drinkin all the beer."
6) "george washington he never crossed the delaware, there was no midnight ride for paul reveere, and benjamin franklin never discovered electricity, they were to busy looking for...SEX AND BEER!"
7) "fuck you im drunk, fuck you im drunk, pour my beer down the sink i got more in the drunk, fuck you im drunk, fuck you im drunk and im gunna be drunk til the next time im drunk."
8) "'the bully said would you fancy a rumble,' i said 'yes, its time to play.' the nunns and preist they grabbed their rosearys as they pulled our bodies apart. The bully said 'Mick you lost the fight but you gained my respect, you fight with so much heart.' well we're stubborn as mules with our blood is on fire when we e at at sunday mass, we look a man straight in the eyes and say "Kiss my irish ass!"
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finally took the time to read these over...
1. i keed-triumph the insult comic dog ((i think))
3. bellend bop-GBH
OMG BRET!! is #5 THE SONG FROM ELECTRASOFT.COM??? hahahahahhaa. my friend told me to look at that site once..its from like..some polka album. AYE is that it?? hahahahahaha

thats all i know... hahaah o mann...
Holy shit katy, I didnt know you knew GBH songs. Thats fucken creepy. You're just to good.
And no, #5 isnt from a website. Well atleast i didnt get it there. Its just some old irish drinking song i downloaded.
only site i can find #2 lyrics on cmon now
wow. 6 years later there's a comment on this. anyways, i believe it's from a US bombs song from their US bombs the world album. check it out.
yup. as i thought. it's 'yer country' by us bombs. it's not from 'the world' though