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1) "the phone's ringing and the van's leaving..."
2) "does he kiss your eyelids when you start to raise your head?"
3) "this is the moment i live for..i can smell the ocean air, here iam pouring my heart out on this rooftop."
4) "and youd tell me that its over and we're lying in a patch of four leaf clovers."
5) "i went to her house, everyone there was gone, her cousin was passed out on the lawn.."
6) "You got me on my kneez, beggin with ya please..can i get a little squeez?"
7) "finally someone let me out of my cage, now time is nothin for me cuz im countin no age."
8) "on my knees in the night, sayin prayers in the streetlight"
9) "tell me how should i feel when it comes to you and all the games you play on me."
10) "i turn on the tv and what is it i do see? two crazy ass cartoon son of a bitches starin on back at me."
11) "i've been denied all the best ultra sex." ((just for you kt))
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3. story of the year::anthem of our dying day
7.gorillaz::clint eastwood
11.mindless self indulgence::faggot
Good job.
#5 something corporate- drunk girl
=] yay i got one hahaha

1- Bright Eyes - Lover I Don't Have To Love
2- Bright Eyes - The Calendar Hung Itself
4- Something Corporate - Konstantine
5- Something Corporate - I Kissed a Drunk Girl
8. coolio::gangsta paradise ((it JUST hit me..i hate that song..didnt weird al do a cover?))
9. socialburn::down ((what bitch?))

ehh..thats all i know.. i suck ...poop.. haha.. goodnight hoes
Yea. Wierd al did a cover. But he was called Amish Paradise.
#6-The Lemon Song by led Zepplin?